A few folks have asked how I got the look on the zero to hero coffee table. I didn’t take pix b/c we’re moving this week and I didn’t have much time to crank out a few more pieces before the movers arrive!

But here was my process:

coffee table before...

  • Old White as a base, brushed on with 3″ and 1″ Purdy brushes.  I used the 1″ brush in the narrow areas around the hardware.
  • Brush with wood grain.  To achieve a weathered wood look, you want to replicate a real wood grain, so it’s important to go with the grain on the brush strokes and sanding
  • Let dry
  • I typically use the clear wax before sanding, BUT not to achieve a layered look.  I wanted the dark wood to show through a lot, so I didn’t use the wax.
  • Using a very very rough sand paper (80 grit?), sand with the wood grain.  You’ll notice the paint is very easy to sand, and is very chalky…thus, the paint’s name.  Be sure to sand more aggressively on the edges and areas where the piece would get more wear and tear.
  • Remove all chalk dust with a rag
  • Working in small sections, dry brush with Paris Grey, using some heavier strokes, some lighter.  Use a rag to wipe the paint.  The paint dries quickly, so be sure to work in small sections.
  • Let dry
  • Again using the rough sand paper, sand over the Paris Grey
  • Wipe dust off with rag
  • Brush on the Annie Sloan clear wax.  Be generous with the wax to cover the paint well.
  • Let dry
  • Rub in the clear wax with a rag, being sure to fully cover the paint
  • Brush on Annie’s dark wax.  Be generous as you want to achieve a wood color over the white and grey paint layers.
  • Rub in the dark wax with a rag.  Because you used generous clear and dark wax coats, the piece will be tacky and take a few days to fully cure.

    coffee table after

yummy, grey, layered, weathered wood look...